DHA awards COVID-19 Testing Strategy Support contract

Solicitation: HT940220C0002

Contract: HT940220C0002

DHA’s Combat Support (J-3) requests a new letter contract to be definitized into a Firm Fixed Price contract with McKinsey & Company. The Government awarded a letter contract in April 2020 and fiscal year 2020 Operations and Maintenance (COVID-19 funding) were used.


  • Develop scenarios for potential supply chain requirements to meet defined testing strategy
  • Translate strategy into required volume of tests, by type, on a weekly and monthly basis, across the four tiers of strategy ((a) National Capabilities, (b) Deployed Forces, (c) Operations & Training, and (d) Clinical Care)
  • Define potential scenarios of how test volume may vary, based on potential disease evolution over time, building on central COVID modeling being done by DHA
  • Define required level of each supply type (vials, reagents, swabs, etc.) for each scenario and compare to understanding of supply chain for each
  • Identify projected supply chain constraints across type and location
  • Assess impact of National Testing Strategy on DoD’s ability to achieve goals
  • Support translation of the developed testing strategy into an operational deployment plan
  • Identify potential locations for testing and operational capacity around the world in support of four tiers of strategy

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