GovernmentCIO: HHS Releases Strategy for COVID-19 Funding Oversight

“Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics and other technologies will be essential technologies in the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s approach for overseeing the agency’s COVID-19 response and recovery, the agency highlighted in its strategic plan Tuesday.”

“With any government funds, like the recent coronavirus stimulus payments and other funds aimed at tackling the pandemic in some capacity, preventing fraud, waste and abuse is paramount. Some critics have questioned if the funds are being distributed appropriately.”

HHS as of mid-May has appropriated $251 billion of funding to respond to COVID-19, which includes $175 billion for the Provider Relief Fund and $76 billion for HHS Office of the Secretary and operating divisions in mitigating and countering COVID-19. To ensure that the agency properly allocates current and further funding, its new strategic plan lists four broad goals: to protect people, protect funds, protect infrastructure and promote effectiveness of HHS programs both now and in the future.”

“HHS OIG intends to deploy data-driven and AI technologies to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of the pandemic’s relief funds, as well as cybersecurity solutions to maintain the IT systems, infrastructure and personal information and data collected and maintained by HHS programs…” Read the full article here.

Source: HHS Releases Strategy for COVID-19 Funding Oversight – By Melissa Harris, May 27, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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