GovLoop: How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Government Technology

“It’s hard to think strategically about the future when you’re consumed with the demands of today. But that’s the delicate balance that Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Suzette Kent and other tech leaders in government are navigating.”

“Over the past two months, CIOs and their teams have worked tirelessly, sometimes in 24-hour shifts, to keep employees connected, secure and empowered to do their jobs beyond office walls.”

“But now that agencies have proven — to varying degrees — that they can sustain operations and continue moving forward, how does this new way of doing business shape the way agencies adopt and roll out technology in the future? Well, in many ways the collective experiences of federal IT departments are serving as case studies or proof points, as Kent calls them, that will shape how agencies use technology to support the workforce and serve the public going forward.”

“’That gives us some proof points for what the future looks like,’ Kent said during a virtual session Thursday hosted by Dcode. Among the questions agencies are considering: Do we have clarity around things that are most critical to the mission of agencies and serving citizens? Kent is also urging agencies to think differently about what their work environment looks like and what a distributed workforce looks like…” Read the full article here.

Source: How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Government Technology – By Nicole Blake Johnson, May 14, 2020. GovLoop.



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