GovWin: What the Pandemic Has Revealed About the State of Federal IT at CDC, SBA and GSA

“No federal agency was completely prepared for a nationwide health emergency like the novel coronavirus. The combination of mass telework, increased citizen demand for information and services, and the need to quickly distribute relief funds, put federal IT capabilities to the test.”


  • For some agencies, on-going modernization efforts gave them a platform to quickly adapt to telework and mission continuity in the face of the pandemic.
  • In other cases, lack of modern IT and cumbersome legacy systems hindered agencies’ abilities to deliver services or enable a remote workforce on the fly.
  • Now more than ever, agencies need to continue IT modernization efforts in order to be able to better serve constituents and to position themselves to better adapt quickly in the face of other crises or emergencies.”

“In a matter of weeks, agencies had to adjust to support a remote workforce, distribute relief funds to individuals and businesses, supply citizens with information on COVID-19, ramp up operations to approve tests and drugs, increase biomedical research efforts, and treat patients with the disease.”

“How is the federal IT infrastructure holding up in the face of the COVID-19 crisis? For some agencies, on-going IT modernization efforts are paying off for telework and continuity of operations. For other agencies, their IT infrastructures are strained…” Read the full article here.

Source: What the Pandemic Has Revealed About the State of Federal IT – By Angie Petty, May 6, 2020. GovWin.



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