Nextgov: NIH Explores New Digital Health Solutions to Trace and Fight COVID-19

“The National Institutes of Health aims to identify, potentially develop and then eventually connect a range of digital health solutions to help America assess re-entry risks and other COVID-19 pandemic-driven decisions.”

“According to a request for information published Tuesday, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and the National Cancer Institute are looking to leverage new technical tools against the novel coronavirus—and they would like to incorporate the de-identified data and other digital assets those solutions generate into an NIH-supported central data hub for researchers…”

“The health-focused solutions the institutes seek must encompass many data sources, mechanisms that securely protect people’s privacy, and algorithmic or computational tools to promote population health management during and beyond the current global health crisis. The institutes note that this sort of management might include ‘assessing the readiness of individuals to return to work, calculating the risk of possible SARS-CoV-2 infection, identifying and tracing contacts of COVID-19 cases, monitoring the health status of infected individuals, or linking individuals to clinical trials of therapies or preventative interventions for COVID-19…’”

“The institutes indicate the technological solutions they’re keen to find could include smartphone applications and commercial wearable technologies, computational modeling algorithms, or novel approaches to data analysis and aggregation…” Read the full article here.

Source: NIH Explores New Digital Health Solutions to Trace and Fight COVID-19 – By Brandi Vincent, May 27, 2020. Nextgov.



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