PMA Tech Initiatives Support Rapid Response to COVID-19 at HHS and other agencies

“Successfully transitioning a workforce as large as the Federal Government’s to telework while maintaining a high level of service continuity is no easy task. In response to the Coronavirus global pandemic, many Federal Government services have utilized capabilities included in the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) to quickly embrace an environment of maximum digital engagement to continue meeting the mission and service expectations for their agency. The CIO Community has provided guidance to federal agencies on how to leverage digital tools that support their workforce, deploy resources, and expand critical services to help meet the needs of citizens and businesses.”

“In response to the mandate to minimize person-to-person contact, agencies were challenged to implement agile methods in real-time and rethink the delivery of public-facing services. As of today, the Federal Government is open and operating at the highest sustained level of telework in history. Virtual platforms and digital signatures are being used to process transactions and facilitate virtual onboarding and offboarding. People who began 2020 with no knowledge of ‘collaboration tools’ are now adept at video conferencing and screen sharing with team members.”

“The ability to rapidly pivot and transition to this highly digital environment is possible because of recent investments in modern technology, robust and scalable commercial tools, data management practices, cybersecurity enhancements, and automation. The investments and outcomes achieved under the PMA positioned the executive agencies to be responsive and resilient in this unprecedented call to action…” Read the full article here.

Source: PMA Tech Initiatives Support Rapid Response to COVID-19 – By Suzette Kent, May 7, 2020.



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