VA OI&T RFI: Privacy Service Web and Applications Support Contract

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0306

The Contractor shall develop, maintain and update the VA Privacy Service Internet, Intranet and SharePoint sites and the DBRS’s Intranet Website, as well as WordPress or OpenText TeamSite’s. The Contractor shall provide the development and maintenance of any technical documentation required; migration of any intranet site to another software, platform, etc. required by OIT or Web Governance or US Digital Services standards, as needed; resolution and tracking of any bugs, issues (508, performance or otherwise); updates, management and development of Privacy Service Intranet pages, sites, subsites, etc.; and documentation and management of change requests in the tool (e.g. Rational, JIRA, Excel) specified by VA Privacy Service…

The Contractor shall provide systems and software engineering support for any or all phases of the web and software lifecycle inclusive of Requirements Elicitation and Development, Requirements Management, Use Case Development, Architecture Design, Web/Software Development, Test/Evaluation, Launch and Sustainment.

Requirements Development associated with iterative methodologies may occur at any phase of the development lifecycle. Therefore, requirements definition shall be structured to meet the incremental delivery needs of a particular project or program as identified below…

The Contractor shall specialize in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Visual Studio JavaScript, Java. Team Sites, Web Content Management and Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) script embedded into HTML pages for website development and maintenance.

Server environment maintenance, such as Internet Information Services (IIS), Structured Query Language (SQL) Server and Windows Server administration is outside of the scope of this TO. However, the Contractor shall monitor the impact of technology stack changes on websites and upgrade the development of the website, if the changes in technology impact the readability or functionality of the website.

The Contractor shall utilize an agile development methodology in order to create usable websites, SharePoint, WordPress or OpenText TeamSite’s. The Contractor shall use Rational Team Concert (RTC) or another Government-provided tool, to manage the development lifecycle. RTC provides agile project management, issue tracking, change management and source control.

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