VA cancels RFI for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Professional Management Support Services

Updated May 29, 2020

Solicitation Number: 36C77620Q0086

VA has cancelled a recent RFI for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Professional Management Support Services.

“This RFI is hereby cancelled. There will be no forth coming solicitation from this office.”

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Posted May 5, 2020

Solicitation: 36C77620Q0086

The Contractor shall provide professional management services in planning, initiating, managing, and executing HFE activities. Required services include the management, optimization, and maintenance of HFE’s informational sharing portals and databases.  Optional services included are: Project leadership and educating VHA stakeholders; meeting and study facilitation, logistics, planning and scheduling; reporting and documentation associated with HFE; meeting and staff schedule management; market research data collection and analysis to identify best practices and industry trends; performance measurement, participation in required meetings, and related project and staff services. All services must be provided and performed under the supervision/management of the Contractor’s Task Order (TO) Project Manager.

HFE Information Management and Analysis:

The Contractor shall provide support in the Optimization of SharePoint and information sharing sites/portals.  The Contractor shall optimize the information sharing mechanisms used by HFE’s small team of 20 members. HFE currently has a fully established and functioning SharePoint site that houses a repository of human factors knowledge artifacts, study artifacts, and portrays service information to customers. This site will need improvements and maintenance to improve users’ ability to find and access HFE materials. The Contractor shall evaluate, recommend, and customize SharePoint or potential solutions (i.e. WordPress) to compile, evaluate, analyze, control, secure, and disseminate timely, relevant, objective, and accurate data and information to VA and HFE stakeholders, including, web-based designs, data governance, operational systems, document storage, applications, models, and assessment of the existing HFE SharePoint site and other sharing portals. Analysis is limited to a maximum of four different portals at any one time.

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