VA RFI: Statement of Objectives Suicide Prevention Grand Challenge Competition

Solicitation: 36C10X20Q0107

This contract will require the contractor to establish and manage a multi-phase grand challenge competition designed to incentivize technologists, researchers, and innovators (“respondents”) to collaborate and develop a digital platform capable of enhancing user access to evidence-based services which support suicide prevention and reduce suicidal ideation. The successful facilitation of this challenge will create a space for innovative technological solutions intended to reduce suicide and suicidal ideation while seeking to address the root causes of suicide.

The government is in the process of finalizing the Suicide Prevention Grand Challenge Statement that will ultimately motivate this work. This Statement may be provided to the public, respondents, and/or the awardee in the future.

The contractor shall provide the program/project management support services required to stand up and execute a grand challenge competition. The contractor will be responsible for grand challenge planning, design, execution, and close-out. The scope of this task includes:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Grand Challenge Statement Refinement
  • Grand Challenge Design
  • Grand Challenge Execution
  • Strategic Communications
  • Fundraising Outreach Support
  • Coordination of Judgement and Award
  • Prize Fund Management and Disbursement

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