Disabled Veterans: Anonymous VR&E ‘Insider’ Sounds Off On Recent VA Rebranding

“Many veterans are sounding off on the name change for VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment including insiders providing solid feedback we all must consider…”

“So, the program will still use Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors who provide vocational rehabilitation services including forensic services, case management, and labor market assessments. However, the name will sound more like preparation for deployment rather than the process of what the veteran is doing while using the program…”

“My critique of the name change was the failure of VA to follow Notice and Comment requirements prior to making the change, as the regulations governing the program still say Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. VR&E says the branding change is legal even though they have not passed it through the Federal Register.”

“The reason for the change?

VA apparently paid a contractor to conduct a “Human-Centered Design” research into naming conventions. The agency is using this research methodology when revamping many of its resources and programs including its websites…” Read the full article here.

Source: Anonymous VR&E ‘Insider’ Sounds Off On Recent VA Rebranding – By Benjamin Krause, June 25, 2020. Disabled Veterans.org.



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