HHS IHS RFP: Tier 2 RPMS Support

Solicitation: RFP-20-PHX-001

The Phoenix Area Division of Information Resource Management (DIRM) is responsible for a wide range of information resource management services and systems support services that meet the overall mission of providing quality patient care. Phoenix Area Tier 2 Systems support requires computer systems engineering services and software services of existing and new hardware located at health facilities. The primary objective of this contract is to maintain continuous systems operation for use of Indian Health Services Electronic Health Record at approximately 17 locations/facilities that include five 24/7 hospitals.

The contractor shall ensure that RPMS computer systems conform to standard configuration guideline and have a minimum uptime of 99%. Activities to support this objective will include the contractor providing dedicated support personnel to support a full range of computer system administration support as well as providing consultation to include testing, performance monitoring, and deployment of Windows. Also to include AIX(Advanced Interactive eXecutive), and Ensemble/HealthShare environments running on both Physical and Virtual platforms running VMware to ensure Phoenix Area operational platforms meet the highest standards.

These services include but not limited to:

  • RPMS platform support server hardware, operating systems support both AIX and Windows,
  • Cache/Ensemble database support.
  • Health Share Support
  • VMware support and configuration
  • Support Site Backups
  • Support for Printers
  • Support Disk Space Issues
  • Support for User Accounts…

To accomplish these services, the contractor will provide one full-time equivalent (FTE) system administration support staff. Since these levels of support require different disciplines, the “equivalent” FTE may be comprised of several different experts. Although several staff members may work on Phoenix Area systems, a dedicated POC/Project Manager will need to be available to Phoenix Area and will oversee all levels of support to ensure the RPMS and Operating Systems are maintained according to Indian Health Service and industry best practices

Maintenance windows and various support activities will be done during normal business hours. The contractor will be required to provide any intrusive support maintenance and/or “emergency” support from time to time during non-business hours therefore the contractor will ensure the non-business hour support is available and provided to Phoenix Area.

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