HHS RFI: REMM & CHEMM Website Hosting/Mobile Development

Solicitation Number: 75A501-BARDA-DCMA-RFI-0001

The goal of the Mobile REMM app is to:

Provide mobile access to selected pages on REMM that would be useful for a clinical response to a radiation mass casualty event

“[Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response] will need to transition the current contract for REMM and CHEMM website hosting and coding services, as well as their mobile application maintenance, to a new vendor by/before September 30, 2020.”

“ASPR/BARDA is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to identify overall industry capabilities to provide services related to website hosting, including redundant servers in distant areas, maintenance and updates, as well as HTML coding of ASPR provided content for the REMM and CHEMM federal government websites.  Maintaining and updating mobile application platforms with ASPR-provided content for REMM and developing and mainting CHEMM mobile application with ASPR content is also desired. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for all REMM and CHEMM web-related content will transition from NLM to new servers, and this group will have to work with NLM to provide the URL so that forwarding will be done. ”

  1. Provide domain hosting services with redundant hosting/cloud based service in widely disparate locations, including the ability to permit huge surges in users.
  2. Ability to design domain pages/hierarchy/organization that is interaction-design based/user-design-focused to vividly convey highly technical information in a way that is meaningful and intuitive. Work with ASPR content experts on user-centered design.
  3. Ability to design web pages for easy access and downloadable content for medical professionals
  4. Ensure 508 compliance/option for 508 compliant content (follows US Government requirements for 508 compliance) for domains and mobile apps
  5. Mobile access to web sites also follows user-design based design to ensure seamless access
  6. Ability to code for compatibility across primary web-browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) so generally all users have the same experience
  7. Ability to design and code mobile applications for both iOS and Android following the same principles as above (2 – 4) including architecture, design, organization, application footprint on device

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