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Included below are the Most Viewed Articles for 2020 thus far, based on metrics from the G2X Daily Take Newsletter.

Webinar Recap: Are You Ready for CIO-SP4?
G2Xchange and FedHealthIT hosted a dynamic webinar on the NITAAC CIO-SP4 GWAC. Couldn’t make the webinar? Fear not! Here are Jeff Shen’s key takeaways on what to expect from CIO-SP4 and how to prepare.

Foresight is 2020 and other Spectacular Prognostications
Mike Farahbakhshian returned from hiatus to discover the world on fire and everything is crazy. Yet despite this, there’s still work to do. Mike helps you focus by taking you to his happy boring place, C-SPAN committee meetings. From there, he identifies the Federal Health IT trends that will affect you and your companies in 2020 and the coming decade.

Three Key Takeaways to Work Smarter and Deliver on Critical Health Missions
Milad Bahrami, Vice President of HHS Operations at GDIT, digs into how industry must be strategic, efficient and focused to better serve its critical Government customers. Milad brings perspective as a former Division Director with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Business Applications Services organization within the Center for Information Technology, and a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CDER IPT Manager.

Navigating the Healthcare IT Ecosystem: 3 Ways Health-focused Agencies Can Drive Modernization
VMware’s Director of Healthcare Industry Strategy, Chris Logan, dives into top areas health-focused agencies must prioritize in order to drive operational efficiencies and provide better outcomes in the face of unprecedented change.

Twenty Veterans Die by Suicide Each Day – We Cannot Accept the Status Quo
Anthony M. Kurta, Leidos Vice President/Strategic Account Executive, Health and Human Performance and Dr. Keita M. Franklin, Chief Clinical Officer at Psych Hub, focus here on Veteran and Service Member suicide, suicide resource allocations, current approaches, big data analytics and what comes next.

How Industry Joint Ventures Help Meet Mission Goals at VA
Allison Hickey, former Department of Veterans Affairs Under Secretary for Benefits and current CEO and President of All in Solutions, and Melinda Pitchford, Business Development and Capture Management leader with DSS, take a look at Joint Ventures and the role they can play in supporting Agency mission goals, including at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A Telehealth Tipping Point: How Changes in Policy Reimbursement are Bringing Virtual Care to Veterans Covered by Medicare
Mitch Mitchell, Group Vice President, Government Solutions, Amwell, looks at policies on telehealth recently finalized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that could change the way we care for our Veterans.

Breaking Down Barriers of Traditional IT Procurement
Dan Levenson, President, Board Member and Co-Founder of the Digital Services Coalition and Chief Strategy Officer with Agile Six, his experience as a former contracting professional and his insights on what can be done better, how industry engages with Government and his recommendations for moving forward.

COVID-19 Response: What’s Left to be Done and How Can Industry Get Involved?
Robin Cavanaugh, CTO of GetWellNetwork discusses some of the pressing challenges that still face Healthcare in the face of COVID-19, technologies that can support those, and how industry can get involved.

Leidos on 2020: Challenges, Interoperability, Innovation and Transformation
Leidos Health Group President Jonathan Scholl discusses the future of Healthcare, changes in 2020, interoperability and the innovation that will drive change.

What Government and Industry need to know about AI 2.0
SBG Technology Solutions’ Chief Growth Officer Robert L. Gordon discusses challenges to AI and recent improvements in the AI landscape that puts more creative power into more human hands to achieve significant breakthroughs in the health care sector.




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