NIH RFI for SOAR Multiple Award Contract: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) STARS Application

The upcoming SOAR requirement includes a digital process automation component and will necessitate that Vendors are able to successfully integrate with the NIH-developed web services. The web services will govern the lifecycle of requests against the SOAR contract, from the NIH requesting New Task Orders (TOs) through TO closure. In addition, travel requests, requests to address Contractor concerns, request to revise TOs, requests to exercise pre-negotiated options, and invoicing will be included in the planned integrations between NIH and future SOAR Vendors.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) STARS Office has developed the STARS application which is an automated integrated digital solution, allowing increased collaboration with customers and stakeholders. The digital solution automates work across the NIMH STARS Office, Institute and Center (IC) Partners, current contract holder and sub-contractors, and the NIDA Office of Acquisition (OA).

The STARS application delivers a suite of tools to automate workflows and decision-making for vendor support of contractor roles and positions across NIH. This is enabled through an integrated module suite that was and developed as a single build on the Appian cloud platform.

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