VA RFI: Electronic Mail Management

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0346

The Contractor shall perform electronic mail management services for VA. Services include the receipt, control, and conversion of electronic mail (mail packets) to standardized, indexed, and searchable Portable Document Format (PDF) (PDF Image plus Text). Services also include document retrieval, document preparation, and packaging services for outbound communications (letters) to be delivered to Veterans/claimants and their elected representatives.

The Contractor shall perform data extraction on a subset of the documents within mail packets prior to uploading to VBMS, to a contract-developed mail portal, or transmitting mail packets to the VBA Mail Automation Service (MAS).

The Contractor shall incorporate quality assurance activities and validation into multiple steps of the conversion process to ensure that VA receives images and data of sufficient quality to support its business processes.

The Contractor shall also support onsite Government-contracted third-party auditing throughout the periods of performance. The Government anticipates it will require mail management services for mail packets equivalent to approximately 99 million images (split between 49.5 million images in the base period and 49.5 million images in the option period, if exercised. The volume of electronic mail received by the Contractor for conversion will be dependent primarily on the number of claims received from Veterans/claimants. The Government also anticipates outbound communications equivalent to approximately 50 million letters (split between 25 million letters in the base period and 25 million letters in the option period, if exercised.)

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