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“The Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary Financial Management Business Transformation (FMBT) is the executive in charge of the execution and implementation of a financial and acquisition systems for the Department. The incumbent is the overall executive in charge of delivering a modern, state of the art integrated environment, ensuring seamless incorporation of financial data from hundreds of legacy systems into a centralized solution.” 

“The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  

  • Responsible for the development and coordination of VA financial systems modernization plans, processes, and procedures, connecting with Office of Information and Technology (OIT) senior executives to ensure alignment. 
  • Oversees system development activities for primary interconnecting systems and coordinates efforts to minimize impacts on all downstream systems. 
  • Oversees the development of a comprehensive strategic plan, short and long-range plans, to ensure compliance with Department financial and information technology (IT) goals that meet the needs of the Department’s Capital Investment Board, Strategic Management Council, and senior VA officials.  
  • Delegate authority to oversee timely execution of matters affecting VA’s financial management and acquisition systems and operations. 
  • Responsible for implementing the technical solution utilizing state-of-the-art technology based on modern business requirements. 
  • Coordinates with other major VA initiatives to ensure alignment with systems architecture, timing of interdependencies and organizational impact. 
  • Responsible for leading the analysis and interpretation of Federal and VA regulations, laws, directives, and standards of other government entities and initiatives to ensure new VA financial and acquisition systems, processes, and operations are compliant and can adapt to emerging guidance. 
  • Responsible for working across the agency to ensure interim and final VA policies are updated to reflect necessary changes resulting from the implementation of the new Finance and Acquisition System. Ensures new VA financial systems and operations comply with applicable financial and security regulations, laws, directives, guidelines, and standards, including, but not limited to, FMFIA, FFMIA, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended), Government Paperwork Elimination Act, Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014,Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, Clinger-Cohen, Department of the Treasury, etc. 
  • Responsible for the implementation of the automation of the collection, creation, use and dissemination of financial information and data resident in VA financial and acquisition systems, taking into account the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and other applicable laws and regulations, coupled with the recognition of the needs of VA managers for more user friendly and simplified access to financial data. This includes overseeing the improvement of financial data availability for all VA officials through automated on-line financial systems capabilities, to include development of required and “ad hoc” financial reports and data analytics. 
  • Responsible for leading the overall contracting and budgeting activities for the FMBT Program to include the development and ongoing maintenance of the Life Cycle Cost Estimate. 
  • Oversees the internal audit program and is the program liaison with the Independent Verification and Validation contractor and takes responsibility for ensuring the program develops sound corrective actions to any deficiencies identified internally or by external auditors. 
  • Responsible for ensuring that the analysis, interpretation, development, and implementation of internal control requirements occur in the new financial/acquisition systems and operations.” 

Read the full job description here.  

G2X TAKE: Those who support the Department of Veterans Affairs may want to influence who applies for this SES role that serves as the overall executive in charge of delivering a modern, state of the art integrated environment, ensuring seamless incorporation of financial data from hundreds of legacy systems into a centralized solution. 



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