CDC RFQ: Enhancing the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) Restricted Access Database (RAD) Through Automation

Solicitation Number: 75D301-20-Q-72108

“The purpose of this project is to enhance the NVDRS RAD application process for users to enter and submit proposals through automation and by way of an electronic tool or portal. The specific tasks to accomplish this goal are as follows:

  • Ensure proper documentation, training and knowledge transfer of NVDRS RAD application processes, tools and services
  • Develop a tracking and workflow process to monitor NVDRS RAD requests, including which phase of the review process they are in and when reviews are complete,
    • Both the requestor and CDC will be able to monitor to see which phase of the review process the request is in
    • Only CDC will have access to more detailed information, such as reviews that have been completed to date, and the actual content of the reviews
  • Develop a process to inform NVDRS RAD applicants when their application has been received and is being reviewed,
  • Develop a process to collect signed NVDRS RAD Data Sharing Agreements that will become part of the RAD repository. Any NVDRS RAD Data Sharing Agreements will be consistent with the CDC Office of Science (OS) guidelines.
  • Develop a process to send reminders to reviewers to complete their reviews,
  • Develop a process for organizing and tracking feedback from reviewers and the IT Security Specialist (please see attachment, The feedback will consist of information in the RAD review committee feedback report, which outlines how comments from reviewers regarding the application are organized into 3 categories…”

“Funding this work would allow CDC to better monitor the number and type of NVDRS RAD requests through an automated system and would create an enhanced user experience for both researchers, NVDRS Science Officers, and members of the NVDRS RAD review committee…”

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