CMS Sources Sought: Macroeconomic Consulting Requirement

“The purpose of this sources sought is to determine whether or not there are contractors that are capable of providing ongoing support to CMS in developing 75-year projections of the health sector and the economy.  This support will include:  (a) 75-year simulations with an existing multi-sectoral macroeconomic model with detailed projections under a range of assumptions for the health sector specifically and for the entire U.S. economy.; (b) analysis of the economic implications of different financing options for government medical expenditures (e.g., increasing government deficits, increasing taxes); (c) analysis of Input-Output data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis; and (d) ongoing macroeconomic support to CMS in its long and short term forecasts.  Long-range projections in coming years will also continue to seek to improve modeling the long-range effects of health reform legislation that continues to be implemented.”

“CMS expects that this requirement will be met with an already existing multi-sectoral macroeconomic model and that meeting the requirement will not involve construction of a new model or substantial adaptation/updating of an existing model.   As part of this requirement CMS also expects to have access to any generalized macroeconomic forecast that the prospective vendor regularly produces and makes available to customers on a subscription basis…”

Specific Tasks

  • Access to the vendor’s regularly produced detailed economic forecasts…
  • Support for NHE 10-year projections
  • Support for Data Enhancements.
  • Standard Long-term Scenario

Provide support for standard long-range macroeconomic scenario calibrated to replicate a state of the world in which SSA economic and demographic assumptions and CMS assumptions about the path of health sector expenditure/aggregate demand all hold.

  • Additional 75-year medical spending projections.

The vendor will provide ongoing support to CMS in developing 75-year projections of the health sector and the economy…

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