DHA RFI: Digitization and Destruction of Medical Records

Solicitation: CAE-20-Dgtzn

The Patient Administration Division, Healthcare Operations of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) has a requirement for digitization and destruction of medical records for the Department of Defense (DOD) military treatment facilities (MTFs) located worldwide.

Capability Needs:

3.2.1. Please provide information relative to your capability and experience to provide personnel, facilities, equipment, and services required to store, scan, index, and destroy medical record documentation based upon industry standards.

3.2.2. Please provide information relative to your capability and experience to maintain documents in facilities located within the continental United States and in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

3.2.3. Please describe your capability to inventory, acknowledge the receipt and tracking system to allow for the retrieval of any document that is in process.

3.2.4. Please describe your capability to provide scanning of documents, capability to combine the contents of multiple volumes of medical and dental records to ensure the medical record is complete. How do you ensure the scanned documents correlate to the correct patient and are legible?

3.2.7. Describe your capability to provide interim storage facilities at a level of protection consistent with industry standards and must meet all applicable and current requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.

3.2.8. Capability to access government networks to digitize documents to be done in accordance with guidelines and standards set forth in HAIMS…

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