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Information is vital. So is your time. Understanding the importance of balancing both, FedHealthIT has launched a new initiative designed to bring you quick, relevant podcasts, featuring Government and Industry leaders, and covering topics that are important to our Federal health community.

Growing as an SB through Innovation in the Federal Health Cloud Space

Aaron Stowell, Vice President/CTO of CTAC discusses the value small businesses can make in the Federal cloud marketplace supporting agencies including HHS, and he shares insights on how small businesses can benefit and grow from the innovations coming out of the challenges they face.

Access the podcast here.

Why the Sec piece of DevSecOps is so Critical to Government

In this podcast Sameer Kamani, a Solutions Architect at GitLab serving U.S. Public Sector agencies, applies lessons learned as he discusses the major shift in current DevOps to the DevSecOps methodology and how this new thinking will impact compliance and Authorization to Operate.

Access the podcast here.

Assessing Containerization Technology across DHA

This podcast interview with Joseph Davis, a support member of the Defense Health Agency through NIWC-LANT’s Cybersecurity component, discusses how DHA is assessing risk within MHS PaaS, one of the first enterprise system pioneers to feature Kubernetes (K-8’s) orchestrator for containerization technology on Red Hat’s OpenShift container deployment solution for standing up new applications and tools.

Access the podcast here.

IT Transformation and Strategy with a Former VA CIO

This podcast with former VA CIO LaVerne Council discusses what the Federal community needs to know about IT transformation and developing an effective IT strategy in the Federal Government with a view on the responsibility of the CIO to communicate, educate, and lead the organization through IT transformation; setting the tone and providing the air cover to enable transformation from the Sec/Dep Sec; and acquisition and procurement policies and practices to enable swift progress.

Access the podcast here.

AI and Government with Dr. Chakib Chraibi 

Dr. Chakib Chraibi, Chief Data Scientist and Acting Associate Director, Office of Data Services at NTIS shares his perspective on the success and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies used within the Government space and shares a peek into the future in this very in-depth two-part interview.

Access part one of the podcast here.

Access part two of the podcast here.

Industry Driving Innovation within the Census Bureau

In this special vodcast, Brock Webb of the Census Bureau joins us to discuss how industry helps Government innovate and how you too can get involved!

Access the podcast here.

How Industry can Shape the Future of Telehealth

Karsten Russell-Wood and Cindy Gaines of Philips discuss systems of telehealth across care venues, from hospital to home, and focus on transitions of care and how things have changed since the early days of the pandemic. They also discuss  how the community can help shape the future of telehealth.

Access the podcast here.

Cyber intersections between DHA, VA and the Coast Guard

Dina Guerrero, a recent DHA Cyber Security Engineer joins us to discuss the most daunting cyber alignment challenges of migrating federal medical IT services into one electronic health record system. She dives deep on not only the obstacles but what to expect in the months to come. If you are traveling down this road, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.

Access the podcast here.

Alexander Caillet on State of Mind

During our recent event, Impact Series: Driving Organizational Resiliency, Alexander Caillet, CEO and Co-Founder, Corentus, discussed state of mind. Defined as one’s moment to moment experience in life, this framework can easily influence individuals, especially those in leadership positions, and impact organizations. Listen to Caillet as he describes how being aware of one’s state of mind above or below a neutral line can lead to self-awareness, better working relationships and stronger business strategies.

Access the podcast here.

Addressing VA Suicide Prevention Efforts – A Two-Part Series

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. The Veteran’s Administration has been a leader in the deployment of advanced technology that enables the identification of high-risk Veterans for suicide, but more can be done. On this two-part series of Keeping IT Brief we speak with Dr. David LaBorde, CEO, Iconic Data Inc. and Senior Advisor, DSS Inc. He discusses the overall suicide prevention effort at the VA, and what more can be done to address this at-risk population.

Access Part One of the podcast here.

Access Part Two of the podcast here.

Dr. Barclay Butler, DHA: Facing Challenges As An Organization

During a recent event, Leading for Impact Series: Driving Organizational Resiliency, Dr. Barclay Butler, Assistant Director for Management and the Component Acquisition Executive, Defense Health Agency, discussed facing challenges as an organization and how industry partners can help.


Access the podcast here.

The AI Playbook and trends in AI in Federal Health IT

Swathi Young is an international keynote speaker, blogger, community builder and Chief Technology Officer who recently co-authored the AI Playbook, a framework of implementing AI solutions for the Federal Government. She is the founder of DC Emerging Technologies, a community of 2000+ members who meet regularly to discuss the trends in disruptive technologies. Here Swathi discusses What the AI Playbook is; how stakeholders in Federal Government use it; the top trends in AI in Federal Health IT; and provides advice to stakeholders thinking about implementing an AI solution.

Access the podcast here.

Driving Organizational Resiliency with Scott Blackburn

In a recent event, Leading for Impact Series: Driving Organizational Resiliency, Scott Blackburn, Partner McKinsey & Company, Former Chief Information Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs; spoke on the current state of the Department of the Veterans Affairs and looked to the future.


Access the podcast here.

Post-COVID Realities in Healthcare 

It’s no secret that telehealth is on the rise in the care arena – especially in the Department of Veterans Affairs and other Federal health agencies. Though, in today’s post COVID-19 environment, how can Federal health agencies best manage patients with Acute Chronic Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, utilizing telecare? “We have to try to readjust and manage our ambulatory care patients and figure out how to care for them in a safe way,” according to Dr. Himanshu Singh, the Chief Health Informatics Officer at DSS, Inc. Join us as he dives more into this topic in this two part interview.

Access the first podcast here.

Access part two here.

Delivering a Human-Centric Approach to Healthcare with HHS’ Oki Mek

HHS is focused on the need to share electronic health records to gain insight into how to assist the mission of HHS to enhance the health and well being of all Americans,” according to Oki Mek. In this edition of Keeping IT Brief, he digs into how this can happen effectively in a large agency like HHS.

Access the podcast here.


USDS and CMS Delivering a Human-Centric Approach to Healthcare

In this edition of Keeping IT Brief, Shelby Switzer, a software engineer with the US Digital Service at the Department of Health and Human Services, discusses efforts at CMS focused on API strategy and implementation, modernizing Medicare payment modernization and beneficiary APIs; and considering end users, developers and providers in point of care.

Access the podcast here.


Inside the DHA Marketplace

Sentar’s Nate Swab, USAF Retired, currently serves as Marketplace Cyber Functional Lead within Sentar, Inc. and supports support Defense Health Agency (DHA). He says: “DHA has been committing a lot of intellectual capital to integrate the Military Health System to deliver better and more efficient Healthcare.” Learn more about this regional support, what industry needs to know moving forward, and recommendations for DHA.

Access the podcast here.


Think Outside The Box: How To Stand Out During a Pandemic

Mark Feldman, Channel Marketing and Brand Expert, looks at the new normal, and, since we don’t know what that is… why those organizations who are able to adapt and be agile will be the ones that will survive and how Government contractors can strategically position and differentiate themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access the podcast here.


Cloud Technologies Helping Government Agencies Today

Raymond Holder is the executive strategist and health technology leader, currently serving as Principal, U.S. Federal Healthcare at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mr. Holder discusses how cloud technologies are helping Government agencies today.

Access the podcast here.


Check back regularly for updates and new interviews as we continue to build this valuable resource.



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