NIH Sources Sought: SharePoint Site Manager Services

Solicitation: HHSNIH-NIDA-(AG)-SBSS-75N95020Q00170

“The purpose of this requirement is to provide the administrative and program support staff require an intuitive, structured, content-driven source of information, guidelines, policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities. Redesigning the current Administrative Desk Guide provides an opportunity to take advantage of new technology and lastest collaboration tools that will provide a user-friendly and easily navigable site as well as ease in updating content more efficiently providing an accurate and reliable source of information.”

“Scope of Work:

  • Perform requirements analysis.
  • Design a two static home page as a Landing page.
  • Designs are to be modern and intuitive to assist the user to find the respective files, information or data they are seeking.
  • Finalize homepage and key subpage concepts.
  • Based on selected home page concept design subpage concepts.
  • Design to modify the top and side navigation menu for a new site under the Departments subsite.
  • HTML conversion of all the approved design concepts to HTML templates which are responsive and adhere to 508 compliance.
  • Setup as applicable a new site collection to implement the new User interface (UI) to the SharePoint templates.
  • Create new custom webparts based on user interface design components.
  • Establish site map
  • Setup subpages and key landing page as per the new sitemap
  • Work with Hosting Team on any deployments as applicable
  • Conduct QA of all site pages prior to delivery”

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