Oversight Agencies including HHS Are Accelerating, Improving Work with AI

“IT leadership at federal oversight agencies are looking at using artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to prevent and predictively mitigate fraud, waste and abuse of funds.”

“AI has a particularly key role in improving oversight analyses and driving efficiency into auditor work, noted Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General CIO Chris Chilbert and U.S. Postal Service OIG CIO Gary Barlet at an industry event Wednesday.”

“’The first thing that we’re doing is improving our predictive models to identify the riskiest health care providers,’ Chilbert said. ‘There are many, many health care providers, as you might imagine, across Medicare and Medicaid, so we’ve been using predictive analytics for many, many years, and AI is helping improve that. Secondly, it’s improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our auditors and evaluators as they look through mountains of data.’”

“’Very similar to Chris, we’re using artificial intelligence to help with some of our analytics models that our chief data officer has deployed,’ Barlet added. ‘One of the interesting things that we’re working on right now is using artificial intelligence to help us do some sentiment analysis as we start looking for issues with delivery of mail items, especially high-value items, … so we’re looking to see if we can detect those types of things that are being broadcast out on social media and get those to the attention of our investigators in a much more rapid fashion.’”

“In oversight analytics itself, AI can aid personnel in examining larger data sets, as well as creating models more accurately, Chilbert added. The Postal Service sees mass volumes of data, and AI can help investigators review data, surveillance footage and other information in faster, sharper ways, Barlet said…” Read the full article here.

Source: How Oversight Agencies Are Accelerating, Improving Work with AI – By Melissa Harris, July 9, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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