Press Release: DHA’s new app assists providers with treating infectious diseases

“Health care providers worldwide are challenged with navigating the amount of emerging COVID-19 information and guidance, all while caring for patients. The Defense Health Agency’s new Antimicrobial Stewardship mobile app expedites access to information at the point-of-care and supports standardization of care across the Military Health System.”

“The app is available for mobile or desktop device at”

“This progressive web application provides faster updates to content and function than traditional apps. Contents include general prescribing guidelines for common infectious diseases by conditions and organisms, access to facility-specific antibiograms, and useful tools such as clinical calculators, links to knowledge bases, and national organization guidelines.”

“Specific to COVID-19 are general clinical information, guided clinical protocols, return-to-the-workplace or release-from-quarantine information, health care provider exposure assessment, and specialty consultation contact information. Education and protocols support care in both the outpatient and inpatient settings; and updated COVID-19 triaging and testing information is included…” Read the full press release here.

Source: DHA‘s new app assists providers with treating infectious diseases – July 10, 2020. Military Health System.



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