Press Release: IntelliDyne Provides COVID-19 Bonuses to Essential Employees

“Robert Grey, CEO of Government Information Technology firm, IntelliDyne, LLC, announced the distribution of additional pay to essential employees working on government sites through the recent COVID-19 pandemic phases. Designated front-line employees are receiving this temporary hourly increase in wages, averaging 16%, for essential work performed on Government sites, effective April 2020.”

“‘At the beginning of this pandemic, senior leadership made a commitment to go Above and Beyond in the care of our IntelliDyne employees and clients throughout this crisis. That included saving jobs, salaries, and benefits.  It included giving fair consideration and compensation in light of the heightened risk environment and all the challenges it presents to us professionally and personally,’ said Grey.”

“As infection rates continued to rise in the United States, IntelliDyne identified an increased risk to essential onsite employees, and quickly made plans to provide pay and bonuses. ‘We recognized that everyone on the front line, and those behind the scenes, were going to be working long, hard, stressful hours, making sacrifices, and doing their part to rise to the occasion,’ Grey stated.  ‘They needed to know we had their backs. Our customers needed to know we would take care of our people too…’” Read the full press release here.

Source: IntelliDyne Provides COVID-19 Bonuses to Essential Employees – July 9, 2020. PR Newswire.



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