VA issues draft Solicitation for TED Specialized and Strategic Services and notice of virtual pre-proposal conference

Solicitation: 36C10X20R0047

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Office of Transition and Economic Development (TED), has a requirement for a broad range of general management and business support services, including program and project management; governance and strategic integration; policy analysis; curriculum and training; and data analytics and evaluation.

Much of this work is best performed through the use of subject matter experts which provide task-specific, critical market-based skills that augment and support the internal activities of TED. As such, Contractor personnel shall have the level of experience necessary to accomplish the requirements of this PWS. In addition, Contractor personnel are expected to be proficient in using office automation equipment and software and have superior written and verbal communication skills to support TED.

The award of this contract will impose a potential Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) with the award of the Department of Veterans Affairs Transition Assistance Program (VA TAP) contract. Award of the VA TAP contract is anticipated to be done under the General Services Administration (GSA) Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity governmentwide contract vehicle. Any Contractor awarded, as a prime or subcontractor, on this Contract is precluded from supporting the VA TAP CONTRACT in any way, including but not limited to, advising, subcontracting, or consulting.

3.2.1 Program Management

The Contractor shall provide support to assist the TED Front Office in implementing a disciplined, comprehensive program and project management process, including developing industry standard project management plans, assisting in providing oversight of TED’s program/project portfolio, the monitoring of project metrics, rigorous risk management and mitigation, prompt reporting on Government-approved cost, schedule, performance, and risk. The Contractor shall also support the administrative functions necessary for integrated program management, including but not limited to preparing reports and other program documentation, graphics presentations, planning and coordinating meetings, performing data entry, filing, and reproduction. In order to perform these duties, the Contractor shall demonstrate familiarity with specialized and technical terminology to proofread and edit documents.

3.2.2 Strategic Planning

The Contractor shall provide support of organizational strategic planning, including the development of strategic goals, objectives, strategies, performance measures, targets, improved performance outcomes, supporting operational plans, and linkages to programming, budgeting, and evaluations.

3.2.3 Performance Measurement

The Contractor shall provide support of strategic performance measurement development, including improved linkage between VA- and VBA-wide strategic goals, and VA programmatic outcomes, as well as leadership priorities. The Contractor shall also support the tracking and reporting on progress against established performance measures.

3.2.4 Business Process Improvement and Management

The Contractor shall provide services as they relate to business process reengineering, improvement, and management, including change management. In support of the TED Front Office, the Contractor shall conduct studies in support of system and process redesign and process reengineering, improvement, and management, including the development of implementation plans and supporting the process of implementing and sustaining improvements.

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