VA RFI: Automated Discharge Planning

Solicitation Number: 36C10B20Q0209

In FY 2018, 450,543 unique Veterans were discharged from 10 different specialties of inpatient VHA care.  VA Social workers routinely coordinate discharge for Veterans from medical, psychiatric, surgical, spinal cord injury, rehabilitative medicine, and other specialty units, every day to thousands of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) throughout the country. Discharges from the top three inpatient specialties – medicine, surgery, and psychiatry – account for 87.5% of all VHA discharges in FY 2018.

At JAHVH, it was determined that an automated discharge planning system will support the following VHA health care system impact:

  • Reduce the community placement referral response time from 6 hours to 30 minutes.
  • Reduce clinician time spent performing clerical work can be reduced from an average of 20 hours per work week to an average of 2 hours per work week.
  • Reduce the numbers of steps in the community facility referral process from 42 steps to 18 steps.

The overall increase in productivity efficiency would allow clinical social workers to more effectively and proactively address psychosocial issues that prevent appropriate and timely discharge of Veterans to the appropriate level of care.

An automated discharge planning solution would allow Veterans to see pictures of each facility, read reviews and ratings, and know the location of placements.

The Contractor shall provide a referral tool, maintenance, help desk, and professional support services to include training, and reporting requirements. The Contractor shall manage its referral network for the solution and keep it up to date.

The Contractor shall provide a commercial solution that provides Automated Discharge Planning capabilities to VA.  This solution shall include:

  • Ability to refer patients to a minimum of 5 facilities but not to exceed 35 at one time using a single referral packet.
  • Ability to interoperate with VA Electronic Health Record
  • Refer patients to assisted living facilities, group homes, Long Term Acute Care (LTAC), home health, intermediate care centers, hospice agencies, transitional care, gero-psychiatric units, dialysis units, community hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, durable medical equipment (DME), skilled home health, non-skilled home care services.
  • Ability to choose payment options when sending referrals (i.e. VA Contract, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance).
  • Shall be functional with mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop electronic devices.
  • Ability to display placement options including referral facility photos, maps, clinical services offered, available payment/insurance accepted, and quality rating to maximize informed patient decisions.

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