VA RFI: Cyber Security Innovation

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0446

VA is seeking a Contractor who is a managed service provider, who can provide an independent curation of emerging technologies and solutions that can be rapidly configured or implemented by VA to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

The contractor needs to have a demonstrated, in house experience and capability to continually scan the cybersecurity marketplace to compile technology capabilities that may be beneficial to VA, as well as to flag technologies that may pose potential risk, such as dependency on unfavorable nation states. They must demonstrate that they possess the in-house experience and capabilities to identify, incubate, and recommend innovative and disruptive cyber technology investments that VA may make to accomplish its mission to protect Veteran data against malicious cyber adversaries. as well as to focus the investments on technologies that are likely to have a beneficial impact on IT security controls, and thus VA s ongoing material weakness.

Therefore, the contractor must also have in depth exposure to, and experience with, working with IT security controls that would apply to remediating existing, and preventing future, OIG findings.

For horizon scanning and tech scouting, VA is seeking a managed innovation service that has ontology-driven, technology sensing and horizon scanning solutions available on day one with the following demonstrated capabilities: Natural language processing and machine learning based on standard Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to perform the following tasks: keyword extraction and classification, concept and document relevancy scoring, and document deduplication and clustering; Ability to recognize impactful and disruptive trends by tracking emerging technologies and thought leaders across the ecosystem of startups and venture capital investments; Ability to analyze multiple decades of US and global patent data, both filed and approved; Ability to ingest, correlate, and aggregate numerous open source and commercial data sources from diverse and reputable modalities, including news, intellectual property, and technical reports; Ability to access academic and industrial reports, articles, and other artifacts from leading global organizations.

For ecosystem activation, VA is seeking a managed innovation service with the following capabilities: Strong existing alliances and relationships within the Silicon Valley and other Innovation Hubs communities; Experience with incubation of cyber technology startups with innovative solutions close to the edge; Local partnerships within the Greater Washington Area who may be easily accessible partners and vendors…

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