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Solicitation: 36C10B20R0025

VA Information Technology Operations and Service (ITOPS), has a requirement an Infrastructure as a Managed Service (IaaMS) solution for storage and compute infrastructure at facilities across the United States and abroad. All hardware, software, and professional services provided in response to this PWS shall be utilized to replace existing storage and compute platforms residing at facilities across the United States and abroad as they reach end of life (EOL) status.

The IaaMS solution shall initially deploy a Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Imaging (VI) storage systems solution to VA facilities.

The initial deployment shall replace legacy VI storage systems located at 158 facilities listed in Attachment A VI Facility-Specific Quantities, Capacities, and Locations.

The existing VI infrastructure stores approximately 10 billion medical images and 40 billion total files using over 28 petabytes (PB). Under the IaaMS solution, VA shall replace the VI architecture with approximately 11 PB of on-premise storage and 11PB of IaaMS VI cloud disaster recovery repository, with the remainder eliminated through use of data efficiency technologies. An annual sustained growth rate of 17 percent is expected for the VI storage.

Following the VI initial deployment, it is anticipated that the IaaMS solution shall expand by an additional 220+ PB of capacity over the Period of Performance (PoP). Expansion shall be provided via optional tasks for file, block, and object storage using both minimally managed and fully managed services and presented using a variety of storage performance tiers. The IaaMS solution may deploy new compute and storage requirements at up to 300 total VA facilities during the POP.

VA is seeking specific industry feedback regarding the IaaMS solution price model as a managed service basis.

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