VA RFI: OIS Hosted Services Platform Sustainment (OIS HSPS)

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0426

The mission of OIS is to advance the overall cybersecurity posture through enhanced visibility, with leading edge guidance, support and tools, while simultaneously ensuring VA and its mission partners’ information systems, practices, policies, processes, and procedures comply with Federal mandates.

The VA OIT/OIS Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) manages four (4) Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Gateways.  The VA CSOC has established a datacenter cage in each gateway specifically designed for hosting end-user systems.  The VA CSOC shall provide what is outlined in Attachment C. The TIC Gateways are physically located in commercial Collocated Hosting Facilities (CHFs) provided by AT&T and CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) as part of the service offerings of the General Services Administration (GSA) Networx contract.  VA OIT/OIS has multiple security systems that are located in CSOC Hosted Services and require platform sustainment services as outlined in the tasks below.

The Contractor shall provide VA enterprise-class hardware and software technical dedicated, highly-focused, expert platform performance management services for VA Internet Gateway hosted services areas in CHFs.  The Contractor shall perform all technical activities necessary to maintain and operate the OIS security platforms as outlined in the tasks below.  The Contractor shall identify and provide all necessary OIS system performance management functions not already outlined in the TIC Hosted Service Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Attachment C) as being provided by the hosting facility or VA-CSOC personnel that are typically required for platforms comprised of components listed herein.

The Contractor shall provide technical support for OIS platform infrastructure sustainment for the systems located in the hosted services cages in the CSOC TIC gateways in Chicago, IL (GWN) and Sterling, VA (GWE) as well as the Capital Region Readiness Center (CRRC).  The infrastructure is a virtualized environment running on VMware that includes shared storage and is provisioned with floating Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) networking.  Technical support shall be performed from the VA facility in Shepherdstown, WV using remote management tools or on-location as needed.  The Contractor shall provide 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (24x7x365) support for the three locations for tasks 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 5.2.5, and 5.2.6.  The Contractor shall provide management of all OIS platform components at the server hardware and software levels, without applications (e.g. HCL BigFix, IBM Cognos, RSA Archer, Splunk, Threadfix, SharePoint), and including databases (e.g. MS SQL, Oracle). The Contractor shall aid in troubleshooting issues with the EVVM, SWA, CDM and any future system teams to rule out issues related to the components in their area of responsibility.

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