VA RFI: Robotic Process Automation

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0434

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) future intention is to procure a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tools Managed Solution for the below effort. VA is seeking information in regard to the best solution; therefore, request the vendor propose solutions that they feel best fit; either a full, partial or no managed solution. If vendor is considering a fully managed solution, they will be responsible for providing VA a solution consisting of a suite of tools including software licensing and maintenance of the suite including all software updates, original equipment manufacturer (or authorized resellers) provided professional services, and  potential items for consideration for scalability throughout VA.  Vendors should also provide recommendations on contract-type (Firm-Fixed Price vs. Time-and-Materials) based on implementing emerging technologies such as RPA into the VA Enterprise.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is investigating automation solutions to streamline the flow of external clinical document sets into its Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  In the near term, this automation will help eliminate backlog, reduce the number of manual scanning/indexing tasks, and increase quality and quantitative traceability with both VA’s existing VistA and newest Cerner Millennium platforms. Additionally, as the demand for VA integrated healthcare within the community continues to expand under the Mission Act, the automation solution must be scalable to satisfy new and increased workloads, throughput, and digital exchange capacities. It is essential that any proposed solution include the necessary end user training which may include user guides tailored to the VA use case.

The primary goals of the automation solution are:

Automate the scanning process:

  • Interface with all methods used by external providers to transmit documentation to the VA
  • Correct erroneous inbound documents (e.g. page orientation, adding missing information)
  • Identify documents that are already in the EHR (duplicates)
  • Index documents into the EHR and associate those documents with the correct consult…

Access and Integration:

There are a number of ways the VA receives medical documentation from external sources.  Minimally, the automated solution should be able to access medical documentation directly from:

  • A shared folder at the VA – includes documentation already processed in some way by VHA staff (Community Care, Consolidated Patient Accounts Center (CPAC), Clinicians, etc.).
  • An email – ability to automatically receive email, identify the source, and process attachments.
  • An electronic fax system – ability to receive a fax from an electronic fax system and automatically process the document…

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