VA Solicitation: VISN 21 Health Care System: RTLS Expansion

Solicitation: 36C10A20R0006

The proposed action is for a firm-fixed-price single award indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract to expand existing Real Time Location System (RTLS) Asset Tracking (AT) installation at medical centers in Veteran Integrated Service Networks (VISN) 21. The purpose of this procurement is to extend coverage areas, configure existing hardware that is not yet configured, and re-configure system software to meet facility needs.

The proposed action is to procure services and hardware to expand and install the RTLS AT system at VISN 21 facilities. While VISN 21 is comprised of seven Health Care Systems (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Northern California, Central California, Sierra Nevada, Southern Nevada, and Pacific Islands), there are nine designated RTLS Asset Tracking Sites:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Palo Alto – Livermore Division, CA
  3. Palo Alto – Palo Alto Division, CA
  4. Palo Alto – Menlo Park Division, CA
  5. Northern California – Martinez, CA…

RTLS AT implementation was completed at seven out of nine designated facilities (bolded above). Since completion of implementation, facilities’ needs have changed, and expansion of current scope of coverage is needed at each health care system. In addition, RTLS AT must be expanded to cover the remaining sites (Palo Alto – Menlo Park Division, CA and Southern Nevada – Las Vegas, CA). Further, some corrections are required for RTLS AT software configurations. Currently, VISN 21 does not have implementation of RTLS Asset Tracking at Outpatient Clinics (OPC) and Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs). Expansion of RTLS AT in VISN 21 may include expansion to OPCs and CBOCs as needed. This system shall be integrated to provide a VISN-enterprise, RTLS AT solution.

The scope of this contract shall include seven health care systems (HCS) within VISN 21, including up to one HCS that have no implementation. The CBOC s currently have no implementation. Work can include expansion of current sites, completion of implementation already started, and new implementations.

Based on market research, as described in paragraph 8 of this justification, it was determined that limited competition is available for this procurement. VA requires any source to use both Intelligent Insites and Centrak as subcontractors for this effort. Under the National RTLS ID/IQ VISN 21 Task Order, seven site installations were completed and approximately 50 percent of the installation has been completed at the two sites that were halted. VA purchased Intelligent Insites and Centrak hardware, software, and services for $5M under the original VISN 21 Task Order. To design and install RTLS for all VISN 21 sites, and if another RTLS solution was used, these costs would be duplicated. Hardware and multiple software applications are integrated to the core RTLS infrastructure to achieve benefits in locating assets and improving workflow. The use of Intelligent Insites and/or Centrak is critical in meeting the Government’s requirements, thereby precluding consideration of a different RTLS solution…

VA requires a single integrator to coordinate efforts with Centrak and Intelligent Insites for the configuration, integration, testing, and training of the RTLS AT system. The Contractor will need to work with Centrak and Intelligent Insites simultaneously as separating the work into two requirements would be inefficient and cause tremendous delays during the testing process. Centrak and Intelligent Insites’ engineers work very closely during the integration. Centrak hardware’s unique ID number is entered into the Insites database…

A contract for similar services for VISN 19 was awarded in September 2019. As part of the market research for that requirement, a Request for Information was posted to Federal Business Opportunities on June 5, 2019 seeking information from industry regarding the installation of RTLS. The RFI included a summary of the Performance Work Statement, which stated that the contractor shall provide an RTLS solution using the existing hardware and software when available. The RFI directly informed industry that VA intends to issue a Request for Proposal on an Other Than Full and Open Competition in accordance with FAR 6.302-1, and provided additional information on the use of Centrak and Intelligent Insites…

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