VA Sources Sought: Renal EHR (Electronic Health Record) System

Solicitation: 36C25520Q0581

The VA St. Louis Health Care System, John Cochran Division, has a requirement for a comprehensive and multidisciplinary electronic health record system for renal healthcare. The system will reduce the manual processes of paper charting, reduce potential errors in transposition of paper charting, and improve access to records by providing immediate access instead of waiting for scanning into VistA Imaging. The system will also allow for a comprehensive, advanced electronic medical record for renal health care delivery and multidisciplinary system i.e. is used by all caregivers involved in the treatment of renal disease, including physicians, nursing staff, social workers, dietitians and technical maintenance personnel.

The renal electronic health record system must contain the following salient characteristics: Accurate Data-Clinical Decisions Made Based on Accurate Data and not Potentially Incorrect Written Data Supports Effective Multidisciplinary Care Plan Process Optional Reporting to CROWNWeb Automated Collection of Data to Meet CQI Requirements Ease of Auditing Records Provides More Time for Clinicians to Interact with Patients Ease of Viewing Treatment Trends, Lab Trends and Medication Dosing Trends Improved Access to Data/Reporting Reports Available Quickly Configurable Reports Available for Specific Patient Population Improved Communication Between Providers (Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Nutrition) through Care Plans Improved Quality and Coordination of Care Dialysis Machine Integration with Currently Owned Phoenix X36 VistA/CPRS/Cerner Integration Labs Consults Medications Encounters BCMA 13-20 Stations – Includes Perpetual License, Installation, Implementation, Training, Project Management and Travel.

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