AUSA: In the Zone: Holistic Health and Fitness System Provides Path to Personal Readiness

“The U.S. continues to face rapid and unexpected challenges that test the strength and resolve of our military. Soldiers undoubtedly will be called to support a range of missions including combat and noncombat operations such as humanitarian assistance following natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks and security in destabilized regions. As the roles and responsibilities of soldiers are ever-expanding, each mission poses unique and complex demands that can only be met if the Army commits to optimizing soldier physical and non-physical performance, including sleep, nutrition and spiritual and mental readiness.”

“The Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System is the Army’s primary investment in soldier readiness, optimal physical and nonphysical performance, injury mitigation, improved rehabilitation after injury and increased effectiveness of the Total Army. The system empowers and equips soldiers to take charge of their health, fitness and well-being to hone individual performance while preventing injury and disease. Programming and implementation of H2F will achieve an unparalleled return on readiness and maximize human potential for multidomain operations.”

“As H2F evolves, soldiers will have dedicated training facilities and personnel to support their individual health and fitness goals…”


Read the full article here.

Source: In the Zone: Holistic Health and Fitness System Provides Path to Personal Readiness – By Maj. Gen. Lonnie Hibbard and Francesca Singhas, August 21, 2020. Association of the United States Army.





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