HHS IHS Sources Sought: VistA Imaging Support Services

Solicitation: IHS-OIT-8132020

IHS is seeking contract sources who have demonstrated experience in relevant scope in terms of its size, complexity and magnitude to the activities to be performed under this scope, particularly, as it pertains to technical knowledge and experience with the VISTA Imaging system in accordance with the attached, Performance Work Statement (PWS).

The capability statement shall sufficiently address how the responder’s support services will be delivered for the proposed project. The qualifying response for this notice must ensure that the offeror has the experience and capacity to take part in this specific type of requirement.

In particular, the responders SHALL provide a Technical Capability, addressing each of the following information in addition to the questions within Attachment 2 – Market Research Survey and Technical Questionnaire attached to this Notice.

Contractor’s capability to provide VISTA Imaging Support Services at an entity/enterprise level;

Contractor’s technical experience and knowledge and any past performance information that is relevant to this requirement; and

Contractor and contractor staff qualifications/certifications…

This is a non-personal services contract for the support of computer hardware used at IHS facilities for imaging software called “Vista Imaging”. VistA Imaging (VI) supplies the multimedia component that completes the functionality of the RPMS Electronic Health Record. VI enables EHR users to view scanned documents and clinical images (photos, radiographs, etc.) that are linked to a patient’s electronic record. It also provides Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) capabilities for the long-term storage of images.

The objectives of this PWS are for hardware support services as the VistA Imaging Support Center. Tasks are listed for providing VistA Imaging infrastructure support services to augment the hardware warranty support and maintenance of IHS VistA Imaging systems provided through the HP CSC. The primary objectives of this PWS are to provide services to support five tasks:

  1. Support Services Center
  2. Call Management
  3. Required Routine or Periodic Maintenance
  4. Solutions Architecture & Infrastructure
  5. Training

1.5 Scope: The scope of work will include performing services that support the implementation of a Vista Imaging Support Service Center that has a call management system to support users. Call management will be the basis for tasked activities associated with troubleshooting, support, and required maintenance requests.

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