It’s no secret that telehealth is on the rise in the care arena – especially in the Department of Veterans Affairs and other Federal health agencies. Though, in today’s post COVID-19 environment, how can Federal health agencies best manage patients with Acute Chronic Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, utilizing telecare?

We continue our talk with Dr. Himanshu Singh,the Chief Health Informatics Officer at DSS.

“Every VA has an education department for internal education as well as patient education,” says to Dr. Singh. “It’s important this is also coming through, through telecare.” Join the continuing conversation now…

Part One of the Interview is Available Here.

About Dr. Singh

Dr. Himanshu Singh, Chief Health Informatics Officer at DSS, Inc. He has had an 18-year career at the Department of Veterans Affairs with his last 8 years in leadership roles. His most recent assignment was the COO/Associate Director at both the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and West Palm Beach VA. Dr. Singh joined the Department of Veterans Affairs with a background in Medicine and technology in 2001. He began his VA Career in Clinical Informatics. He has served in several leadership roles including Assistant Director at the Ralph H Johnson VAMC, Acting Associate Director at the Ralph H. Johnson VAMC, Acting Associate Director at the Columbia VAMC. 

About DSS

Trusted by the Department of Veteran Affairs for over 25 years, DSS deploys innovative solutions that improve care quality and delivery for our Veterans. DSS assists the VA in meeting top initiatives, changing regulatory requirements, and implementing enhanced business processes that support clinical, financial, logistical and administrative objectives, for better Veteran outcomes.




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