Press Release: Cerner Teams with Amazon to Help Consumers Improve Their Health and Wellness

“Cerner Corporation announced today a new collaboration with Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) that allows consumers to easily connect vital health and well-being information with their broader health care teams. The Amazon Halo, a new service dedicated to helping customers improve health and wellness, can connect to Cerner’s technology where individuals can opt-in to share activity, sleep, body fat percentage and other important wellness data from the comfort of their home. Historically this type of data has been siloed or difficult to obtain. Wearable technology, such as the Amazon Halo, can help achieve greater interoperability across health care when integrated directly into a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Longtime Cerner client Sharp HealthCare is the first health system to implement Amazon Halo in the health care setting.”

“In recent years, a growing number of consumers have become more empowered and engaged in their own health care journeys, in many cases seeking out opportunities to employ technology and data-sharing to support healthier decisions. Much of this shift has been driven by the rapidly growing number of connected wearable devices. By introducing valuable data from Amazon Halo into the Cerner EHR and well-being offerings, consumers and care teams alike can now have a more accurate and timely view of an individual’s health.”

“’The health care industry is undergoing a digital revolution, where physicians are increasingly looking to leverage patient-generated health data to help keep them healthier and out of the doctor’s office,’ said David Bradshaw, senior vice president of consumer and employer solutions, Cerner. ‘Our work with Amazon Halo highlights the importance of using artificial intelligence and other leading-edge technologies to accelerate health care innovation and improve health outcomes. Cerner is focused on continuing to lead a wave of breakthrough innovation, and this integration with Amazon Halo is a step toward this goal. We’re excited that our client, Sharp HealthCare, is the first health system to be able to take advantage of the Amazon Halo integration…’” Read the full press release here.

Source: Cerner Teams With Amazon to Help Consumers Improve Their Health and Wellness – August 27, 2020. Cerner.



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