VA RFI: NCTPSD Mobile App Dev Services

Solicitation: 36C10B20R0036

The National Center for PTSD, Dissemination and Training Division (NCPTSD), part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is responsible for creating training and educational products to support evidence-based care of Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and related problems.

The Dissemination and Training Division of NCPTSD has also been charged with 1) ensuring that NCPTSD mobile apps are capable of supporting scientific research and 2) capable of responding to the needs of Veterans, VA providers, and other stakeholders. To meet this charge, NCPTSD has a multi-phase coordinated research program to study the usability, efficacy, and implementation of these applications and works directly with Mental Health Services in VA Central Office to ensure that products are aligned with the mission to enhance and optimize mental health care for Veterans.

The Contractor shall provide up to 1,400 hours of native mobile app coding, user interface design, and graphic design support during the contract period. These hours of support shall include delivering updates and modifications to the code, user interface, and graphic design of any of the existing publically-available NCPTSD native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms (e.g., PTSD Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE) Coach, Stay Quit Coach).

Requested projects may include wireflows for a selection of screens to be added or modified, high fidelity design proposals for replacing a mobile app’s graphic theme, high-fidelity mockups for a selection of screens to be added or modified, delivered mobile app builds for testing, delivery of modified code to GitHub, and deployment of modified mobile apps to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The amount and type of modifications will vary widely on a per-project basis at NCPTSD’s discretion, with modifications ranging from ad hoc minor text edits and typo corrections to comprehensive user interface revisions as informed by a full revised functional specification.

Wireflows shall consist of wireframe screen layout designs arranged in a flowchart depiction of navigation between screens. Use of Sketch software is preferred for wireflows.

Code from existing NCPTSD native mobile apps will be provided to the Contractor by means of access to NCPTSD GitHub repositories.  No support from previous Contractors will be available.

Acquisition of any additional necessary graphics or art is the responsibility of the Contractor.  Any graphics or art must be either created by the Contractor for the mobile app or purchased by the contractor from sources with appropriate licensing…

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