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As Fall settles in, here are several events happening in October providing the opportunity to get a jump on the new Fiscal Year, to network and to hear from Federal health speakers from CMS, DHA, DoD/VA IPO, HHS, NIH, SAMHSA, VA.

Virtual VA T4NG Loudoun Happy Hour
When: September 30
The VA T4NG Loudoun Happy Hour event via live video will give industry the opportunity to connect screen to screen with one another, exchange ideas and have fun! Bring your own drink!

Digital Health Modernization with CMS, DHA, HHS, NIH, SAMHSA
When: October 1
Hear from Federal agency officials about the policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the technological implementations and digital services that have helped support the country this year, and receive additional input on future health innovations.

CMS Industry Happy Hour
When: October 1
This regular virtual CMS Industry Happy Hour event gives colleagues the opportunity to network virtually, to exchange ideas and have some fun. The theme: “Let it Go to the Fiscal Year”.

HHS OSDBU Office Hours
When: October 8
This event is a Q&A with the HHS OSDBU Director (A) who will be holding ‘Office Hours’ to address the questions, comments and concerns of small businesses looking to work with HHS.

San Antonio IT Networking Group
When: October 8
The San Antonio IT Networking group celebrates their 18th Anniversary with the continuation of their “First Thursday” Happy Hour and annual Oktoberfest, virtually. Authentic prizes will be awarded for best dressed (German themed, of course!), best Zoom background, and others.

HHS Small Business Vendor Outreach
When: October 13
Hosted by HHS Small Business Programs, this is a Monthly vendor outreach session with HHS. * Note: This event does tend to fill early.

AFCEA Tech Summit with HHS, VA
When: October 14-15
AFCEA Bethesda’s 2020 Tech Summit will examine the technology, policy and workforce strategies that support the development of innovative approaches for managing operations, delivering services and supporting agency missions.

HIMSS NCA Health Information Exchange, Interoperability & Data Integration
When: October 15
This lunchtime webinar will explore how Federal health Government leaders are progressing on the interoperability of HIT systems and how an interoperable health exchange is a key piece of building a health system that empowers patients and providers and delivers better care at a lower cost.

Opportunities Talk, Who’s Listening? Hear from CMS, CDC and NIH
When: October 16
This SPARC Networking Event featuring Small Business Specialists from CMS, CDC, & NIH is an opportunity to get the first quarter off to a bang – bring your forecast and opportunity questions for these experts to answer.

Leading for Impact: Women in Leadership Conference with DoD/VA IPO, HHS, VA
When: October 21
This virtual event will feature an engaging mix of keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions and a virtual networking reception. Topics will center around this year’s theme: Building Organizational Resiliency to Drive Transformation, Modernization and Success in 2021.

HHS OSDBU Office Hours
When: October 22
This event is a Q&A with the HHS OSDBU Director (A) who will be holding ‘Office Hours’ to address the questions, comments and concerns of small businesses looking to do business with HHS.

HUBZone Showcase
When: October 22
HHS Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) is hosting a HUBZone Showcase Round Three. Modeled after Shark Tank, the HUBZone Showcase will be informative, interactive and fun! In addition to awesome HUBZone companies, stellar HHS Acquisition professionals will serve as the HUBZone Showcase judges/panelists.

We strive to serve the busy health executive by uncovering key events. The annual membership fee is worth it for this feature alone! G2Xchange Health Members: Visit the main events page to browse some of the other key Federal Health IT events happening in the coming weeks including:

Policy Response to COVID-19 with HHS, CMS, DHA, SAMHSA
Data Challenges and Solutions with DHA
Overview of Data Sources with VA
Acquisition Innovation with VA
Infrastructure Strategies with VA
Using Federal and Open Source Software with CDC
Celebrating Digital Transformation
Supporting Remote Work with VA
Incorporating Machine Learning Into Healthcare with VA
Best Practices to Maximize Your CPARS Rating with Former CMS Acquisition Officers
Overcoming Threats Through Revolutionary Ideas with NIH
Everything You Need to Know about the FAR with a Former CMS Acquisition Officer
Emerging Technology, Data Exchange Trends and Best Practices with CMS, ONC
CISO Cybersecurity Awareness Forum with CMS
VHA Innovation Experience
Strategies and Tactics in Deploying AI with VA, NIH, HHS

And many more!  Adding new events daily!




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