FDA CDRH taps new Director to lead Office of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation

Suzanne Schwartz, who has supported the Food and Drug Administration for almost a decade through a series of progressively responsible roles, has taken on a new challenge as Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation at the FDA.

Suzanne brings recent experience assisting the CDRH Director and Deputy Center Director for Science in the development, execution and evaluation of the Center’s biomedical science and engineering programs; and prior experience providing leadership in the strategic planning and implementation of medical countermeasures, counter-terrorism, emergency preparedness initiatives and Emergency Operations plans.

Prior roles include:

  • Associate Director for Science and Strategic Partnerships – CDRH – FDA
  • Director, Emergency Preparedness/Operations and Medical Countermeasures – CDRH – FDA
  • Lead Reviewer and Clinical Consulting Reviewer – CDRH – FDA


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