MHS Sources Sought: Concept and Capabilities Specialist Services (Fort Sam Houston, TX)

Notice ID: W9124J-20-R-0030

“This is a non-personal services contract to provide concept and capability specialist services at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in support of the Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (CDID), Concepts and Requirements Division (CRD), Futures and Concepts Center (FCC).”

“Contractor will serve as a concepts and capability developer with subject matter expertise in the Army Health System (AHS). Services include concept development, requirements determination, analysis planning, data entry and capabilities integration. The Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items necessary to perform concepts and capabilities SME Services.”

The contractor shall develop and brief the Medical Supporting Concept using the Army Concept Framework (ACF). The Medical Supporting Concept will describe how Army forces conduct medical operations (Health Service Support and Force Health Protection) during Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), at echelon, and integrated across all Army functional concepts. The Medical Supporting Concept will address challenges of the future force with new operational approaches, capabilities, and emerging technologies. The Medical Supporting Concept will be updated continuously, describe the capabilities required to conduct operations in the future and serve as the basis for experimentation throughout the requirements determination process. The contractor shall develop knowledge needs and learning demands to examine elements of the Medical Supporting Concept through a series of Quicklook, Limited Objective Experiments (LOE) designed to analyze specific functions and capabilities required to support revisions to the concept, O&O or required capabilities. Date, time, location and venue for LOEs will be determined as needed by the CRD leadership. The contractor shall write as directed information papers to underpin and inform senior leaders on conceptual documents.

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