Press Release: CMS extends contract with Quest Analytics to measure the adequacy of all Medicare Part C & D & MMP plans

“Quest Analytics, the leader in provider network accuracy and adequacy solutions announced today the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has extended their contract with Quest Analytics for an additional five-year term to measure the adequacy of all Medicare Part C & D & MMP plans’ health care provider, facility and pharmacy networks. This renewed contractual relationship builds on a decade-long relationship of developing leading innovations in the field of network management to ensure better access to care.  The Quest Analytics product delivery also includes additional capabilities to measure and score accuracy for network submissions.”

“CMS regulations stipulate that “Plans are required to maintain and monitor a network of appropriate providers, that is sufficient to provide adequate access to covered services to meet the needs of the population served”. This means that plans must maintain an adequate network of pharmacies and health care providers and facilities that are accurately listed in their Health Services Delivery Tables. CMS reviews every health plan that applies, MMPs annually, and reviews participating plans every three years utilizing adequacy requirements (minimum number and time & distance criteria) applied to 40 specialties and facilities across five-county types based on population density.  CMS uses Quest Analytics solutions to score plans against the standards and to inform them of any noncompliance issues…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Quest Analytics to Measure Adequate Access to Care for Medicare Advantage, Medicare-Medicaid and Pharmacy Plans – September 15, 2020. Quest Analytics.



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