Press Release: DAS Federal, LLC Awarded FDA IT Automation Contract

“DAS Federal is excited to announce that we have recently been awarded a contract with the Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT) at the FDA.  This contract is for IT Automation service operations and maintenance.  DAS Federal has partnered with Puppet Enterprise to support the FDA with its IT Automation and O&M Infrastructure Support Services. Puppet Enterprise makes it possible for rapid, secure automation that will eliminate manual work and minimize the risk of human error. Puppet Enterprise is the industry standard in IT Automation and is used by such companies as Cisco, NYSE, and Google. Puppet Enterprise is a robust solution that combines both model-based and task-based capabilities in a way that will ensure that the FDA is able to scale its multi-cloud infrastructure as its automation footprint expands. DAS Federal is thrilled to be working on this project to bring the FDA cutting-edge technology.” Read the full press release here.

Source: DAS Federal, LLC Awarded IT Automation Contract – September 4, 2020. DAS Federal.

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