Press Release: Federal Contracting Industry Veteran, Edward Rothstein, joins Sparksoft to drive DoD/Health IT Growth

“Sparksoft is thrilled to announce that Edward Rothstein “has joined our organization as a Strategic Advisor responsible for business development and tactical affairs across Department of Defense (DoD) in the Cyber Defense and Health IT markets. Ed’s diverse thirty-plus year military career included numerous deployments along with multiple duty stations. Ed finished his illustrious service as Garrison Commander at Fort Meade in Maryland. As a retired Army colonel, Ed brings a great wealth of knowledge and relationships that open new markets for Sparksoft’s proven capabilities.”

“Sparksoft’s CEO, Mr. Mike Finkel, said that ‘Sparksoft is humbled to have a decorated retired colonel such as Ed on staff. He served our great country with honor and continues to stand by his commitment to the US. Ed’s 30 year journey has provided him with the experience and familiarity in DoD space that gives Sparksoft the opportunity to achieve our corporate goals…’” Read the full press release here.

Source: Federal Contracting Industry Veteran, Edward Rothstein, joins Sparksoft as Strategic Advisor – By Gary Rubalsky, September 23, 2020. Sparksoft.



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