Protest forces DHA Program and Technical Management (PMTM) Support Services bridge contract

Notice ID: ID07200068

Contract: GS35F058DA

This Limited Sources Justification is issued to support a bridge task order for a three month base period of performance (09/22/2020 – 12/21/2020) and three (3) one-month option periods. The previous bridge task order in support of this requirement runs from 11/22/2019 through 09/21/2020. This bridge requirement is needed to provide the required DHA services past 09/21/2020 as the follow-on, long-term task order award (ID07180067) has been under protest with GAO since 09/27/2019. The first protest of ID07180067 was filed with GAO on 09/27/2019 (File Number B-418063.1) and subsequently dismissed as Academic, pending corrective action; the second protest was filed on 01/09/2020 (File Number B-418063.2), and again dismissed as Academic, pending a second round of corrective action; the third protest was filed on 06/24/2020 (File Number B-418063.3). GSA has filed its Agency Report in response to the third protest received and it is currently pending GAO decision. Because of the protests, GSA is required to continue the stay of the performance of the long-term task order pending the resolution of File Number B-418063.3 before GAO.

This LSJ is issued to support a bridge task order that consists of a 3 month base period of performance, and 3 one month options, to the incumbent task order vendor, TeAM, in order to provide program and technical management support services on behalf of the DHA.

The objective of the required services is to support the DHA Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) division through the provisioning of program management services, engineering expertise, administrative support, technical support, operational planning, and execution oversight. More specifically, these services provide skilled, innovative, and integrated resources in support of the administrative, programmatic, and technical service portfolios of the four (4) branches within I&O. The ultimate goal of the support is to assist in implementation of an enterprise-wide execution of shared services within DHA that reduces costs and improves organizational performance.

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