VA RFQ: Compensation Analysis and Total Rewards System

Notice ID: 36C77620Q0179

The VA is seeking a contractor who can provide the following services:

  1. Web-based, interactive Compensation Analysis and Total Rewards System – VHA is seeking a configurable web-based market pricing system or software solution to allow for streamlined reporting functions and reports. The contractor shall provide an interactive automated secure system or software program which provides VHA (or VHA’s vendor) with the ability to upload multiple regional and national third-party survey data reports provided by an external third party into the system, to composite into one centralized site.  The system shall have configuration flexibility, along with the capability for the end user to request and create market-based, position-specific reports extracted from multiple survey sources, allowing VA staff to further manipulate the data using built in calculators.  The web-based interactive total rewards system shall contain candidate/position/employee specific content showing the value of VA employment (including monetary, benefits, work-life balance, and learning opportunities) to assist in the recruitment and/or retention of staff.  The system shall have security layers, with the capability of limiting access to the system based upon job assignment (ex. HR or Manager view). The web-based system shall meet VA system security policy detailed in sections 11 and 12 of this PWS. The contractor shall host the web-based, interactive Compensation and Total Rewards System via its cloud services.
  2. Data Analysis and Report Generation – The contractor shall import government-furnished information (GFI) such as employee data files, employee payroll files, etc. as well as external third-party survey data files provided by agency. With this information, the contractor shall aggregate the market data and create market comparisons to provide VA with high quality, valid survey sources. This includes an appropriate job matching component based on VA and survey job descriptions for each employee within each occupation. The contractor shall develop appropriate market analysis and create market comparisons for each employee within the occupation.  There shall be flexibility afforded in allowing VHA to configure the system for application of additional divisors and for custom reports for analysis and identification of trends.  The contractor shall provide the total compensation of all positions surveyed based on the data provided by the government to include, minimum, median, maximum, and mean salary amounts for each position. The total compensation shall include premium pay amounts, healthcare premiums paid by employees and employers, retirement benefit contributions made by employees and employers (ex. pensions, 401K matching, etc.), recruitment and/or relocation benefits paid, educational assistance/debt reductions incentives (including student loan programs), and other monetary benefits typically paid by employers…

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