VA: VA expands Veteran access to telehealth with iPad services

“The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today a new collaboration with Apple to increase Veterans’ access to virtual care benefits.”

“VA’s iPad program provides qualifying Veterans with cellular-enabled iPads to access telehealth services and currently helps more than 50,000 Veterans across the country connect to VA health care services virtually…”

“VA has been a leader in telehealth services for decades and began the Connected Tablet program in 2016. A VA study found Veterans who received tablets, reported high levels of satisfaction with care, were less likely to miss appointments and found it easier and more convenient to access VA care.”

“To standardize the program and provide Veterans a consistent, quality experience, VA will exclusively distribute iPads to Veterans. iPads offer Veterans the combination of portability, user experience, data privacy and security made possible through Apple’s integrated hardware and software platform. The collaboration between VA and Apple, facilitated by the VA Secretary’s Center for Strategic Partnerships, provides VA with Apple’s expertise to help enhance the platform and ensure Veterans and health care professionals have the best telehealth experience…” Read the full press release here.

Source: VA expands Veteran access to telehealth with iPad services – September 15, 2020. VA.



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