‘As-a-Service’ Models Key to Improving Customer Experience at VA, DHA

“Federal IT leaders are modernizing their IT infrastructure with multi-cloud environments, ‘as-a-service’ approaches and other ways of iteratively updating systems to deliver more seamless and improved delivery for the customer experience.”

“For the Department of Veterans Affairs, IT service delivery is core to both external and internal customers, VA Infrastructure and Operations Executive Director Reginald Cummings said during Wednesday’s Infrastructure: Foundations for the Future virtual event. While Cummings delivers with internal customers (or more direct VA personnel within his organization), he stressed the core infrastructure needs to be stable and agile for veterans and external agencies.”

“At Customs and Border Protection, multi- and hybrid-cloud environments as well as approaches in ‘as-a-service’ models, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration and delivery (CICD) are keys to delivering and modernizing its IT infrastructure for its customers.”

“’Infrastructure as code is part of our taxonomy — driving toward that effort to ensure that we’re doing all the things we can do from an orchestration standpoint and an automation standpoint to self-service and enable our delivered and other service providers to help themselves and truly have a CICD kind of experience for our development core,’ said Edward Mays, enterprise data management and engineering executive director at CBP’s Office of Information Technology…”

“Defense Health Agency Solutions Delivery Division Director Col. Francisco Dominicci’s ultimate goal is to ‘make IT boring again,’ so that the Military Health System and its customers can deliver optimum medical care and research across the enterprise without worrying about the functionality of key IT, such as DHA’s electronic health record…”

“Challenges in IT modernization efforts at DHA are common across agencies who also have to be flexible in their infrastructure planning and maintenance. This has especially been the case with COVID-19, which brought new strains to legacy infrastructure with limited capacity as more people moved online and depended quickly on IT…” Read the full article here.

Source: ‘As-a-Service’ Models Key to Improving Agencies’ Customer Experience – By Melissa Harris, October 8, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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