Cerner CEO: Data Will Drive Global Health Care Transformation

“During his keynote at the Cerner Health Conference (CHC), Brent Shafer, chairman and CEO of Cerner Corporation (Nasdaq: CERN), today highlighted the company’s use of data to help resolve clinician burnout, improve health equity and enhance clinical, financial and operational outcomes.”

“This year’s global pandemic has underscored the increasing importance of providing a more complete picture and insights into patient care. Cerner’s sharp focus on intelligence and interoperability is not only delivering masses of data where it needs to go — regardless of its origination — but is also making it more usable to help solve challenges health care is facing today.”

“’Cerner has provided important insights and helped make clinical and operational decisions easier for more than 40 years. Today we’re using actionable data to truly transform health care,’ said Shafer. ‘More than ever before, we have tools, technology and innovations to fight this global pandemic. Whether it’s working with health systems from around the world to set up field hospitals, sharing data to help stop the spread or delivering intelligence to better manage patients, equipment or bed availability, we rushed to support the work of health care providers across the globe.’”

“Using data to drive global health care transformation isn’t new for Cerner. The company – started in 1979 – has been a global leader in electronic health records (EHR) for more than 40 years. During that time, Cerner has amassed 250 million patient records supporting 80 million patient visits each year. Paired with nearly 600 patents – more than all core competitors combined, and up nearly 100 new patents from a year ago – Cerner’s investments in technology are nearly $800 million each year to improve and launch new products designed for more effective and cost-efficient heath care delivery…” Read the full article here.

Source: Cerner CEO: Data Will Drive Global Health Care Transformation – October 13, 2020. Cerner Corporation.

Cerner was recently named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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