Federal News Network: VA cooking up new guide of CX strategies training institute for its own employees

“Customer experience is a tried and true business practice at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the agency is preparing to soon share some of its recipes for success with other agencies.”

“To summarize and capture some of the lessons it and other agencies have learned in recent years, VA will soon publish a customer experience ‘cookbook,’ department officials said last week.”

“’It lists out a lot of the levers in government — key ingredients if you will — that brothers and sisters across agencies can pull on and utilize to try to bake in and fold in customer experience as a core business discipline in their organizations,’ Barbara Morton, VA’s deputy chief experience officer, said last week at a virtual CX summit produced by Government Executive. ‘There are a lot of adaptations and sequencing customizations that have to occur depending on the agency environment and environmental readiness, but we hope that this will be a great resource for folks to leverage as they continue on their CX journey.’”

“Morton hopes the CX ‘cookbook’ will be available for agencies and the public next month. It will include case studies from other agencies, not just VA.”

“It will also highlight how and why agencies should embed CX practices into their federal regulations, internal organization policies and legislation submitted to Capitol Hill, which Morton described as key ‘ingredients’ to build and sustain customer experience as a ‘core business principle…’”

VA launching customer experience institute

“To help ensure their own employees are constantly learning best CX practices and embedding them into their work, VA is piloting a new customer experience institute…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA cooking up new guide of CX strategies training institute for its own employees – By Nicole Ogrysko, October 19, 2020. Federal News Network.



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