How Customer Experience Leaders Are ‘Hardwiring’ CX at VA and Across Government

“As the previous President’s Management Agenda expires and the nation awaits a decision to determine the next presidential administration, the leaders of the current cross-agency priority goal on improving customer experience very much believe the momentum will continue.”

“The customer experience CAP team—led by Veterans Affairs Department Chief Veterans Experience Officer Lynda Davis and Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer Barbara Morton—have compiled a wealth of customer experience-based resources, policy changes and talent to benefit federal practitioners for the next administration. Their goal is to help “hardwire” customer experience into federal agencies much as the discipline has been hardwired into VA.”

“’We were asked to lead the CAP goal to amplify the movement we were beginning here at VA,’ Morton said during an Oct. 15 panel discussion with Nextgov at the Customer Experience Summit. Their CAP goal leadership expired at the close of fiscal 2020. ‘Over the last few years, it’s been tremendous to work across government, and share best practices we’ve developed at VA the last four or so years with our brothers and sisters across agencies.’”

“On the policy side, the Office of Management and Budget updated Circular A-11 guidance over the past two years to focus on federal customers and service delivery. The guidance drives agencies to collect data from customers ‘in as real-time as possible,’ and mandates that High Impact Service Providers—the agencies that engage the most with customers—submit their customer experience data for public reporting.”

“Beyond policy changes, the customer experience CAP team recently supported an initiative led by OMB and the Office of Personnel Management to bring in 20 new CX strategists to the government ranks…” Read the full article here.

Source: How Customer Experience Leaders Are ‘Hardwiring’ CX Across Government – By Frank Konkel, October 22, 2020. Nextgov.



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